Nigerian Armed Forces has Nigerian Army as its land force. It is governed by the Nigerian Army Council (NAC). The highest ranking millitary officer in the Nigerian Army is the Chief of Army Staff. Some Nigerian Army already served as the head of government during military era, and some retired officers already served as head of government during civilian rule. Since inception of democracy in 1999, Nigeria has been ruled by four presidents, which include two civilians and two formal heads of state. The incumbent president, President Mohammadu Buhari was a head of state in (1984-85) before he came in back in 2015 as a democratically elected president. Also, former head of state, General Olusegun Obasanjo was a military president before he became a president in 1999. This confirms the love and trust people have in these leaders. However the rate at which the Nigerian army is beeing used presently, soomes to be too much.


There is no way the efficiency of our army will not reduce with the way we use them in the country in the recent times. Robbery within the street, we call on them, when there is communal crisis, they will be called. NURTW crisis, they are sent for, cultists clashes, they are there. Also, whenever there is election in the country, they are the one to protect citizens and the electoral officers. When it is to arrest common yahoo boys in a street, EFCC will use them, they are the one to protect farmers on their farms. Presently, schools are in their custody, to the extent that they take school children to school and bring them back home in some parts of the country.
Not limited to the mentioned ones. What about the issues of terrorism in the country, kidnappers, bandits, herders crises, unknown gun men in the eastern part, prison breaks, boarders watching . . . they are the ones facing them all.

The questions now are;
What are other security agents doing??
Do we really have the air force again?
What about the navy?
In what ways are the custom officers and immigrations supporting in securing the nation?
Do we still have civil defense at all?

The officers in black are only after their #50 collection on the highways, no doubt, they are already on their own after the endsars# and the different attacks they receive from the so called Unknown Gun Men in the east. Except someone can tell me the work of the civil defence because I cannot point at one, even with the approval of them flaunting guns.

By now, there should be JOINT efforts, let all of them support one another more, the load is just too much on the Nigerian army. They have been overused. The Nigerian Army need our supports and prayers. They are fathers, mothers, uncles and aunties like us, they left their comforts and families. Yes, it is their work, but we see how their counterparts in other countries live. Let the governments support them more, change their operandi, design enough resting time for them, motivate them with more monies and good weapons, provide in-training services for them, give them standard welfare packages, alleviate the lives of their families, let them see joy in their work.

The good Nigerians see the good work our army are doing, we see what they are passing through, under the sun, in the rain, at the warfare, it isn’t easy.I pray for all our gallant officers, that God will be with them, their efforts will never be in vain. They will not die, their enemies will fall. We Love You our Officers.